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3.31.2016 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires IBM® WebSphere® Multichannel Bank Transformation Toolkit from IBM Corp.
2.18.2016 :: UNICOM® Global Announces the CEO/CIO Symposium and TeamBLUE™ User Group Meetings 2016
1.31.2016 :: UNICOM Global CEO Corry Hong Interviewed in Enterprise Executive Magazine
12.31.2015 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires IBM® Rational® System Architect from IBM Corp.
12.15.2015 :: UNICOM® Global Buys Washington Technology Park I & II
10.31.2015 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires IBM® Data Collection Suite from IBM Corp.
9.22.2015 :: UNICOM Global CEO Serves as “Professor for a Day” at CSUN
4.15.2015 :: NIH Awards UNICOM Government $20b CIO-CS Contract
3.26.2015 :: UNICOM Government Wins NASA SEWP V Contract
12.31.2014 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires IBM® Rational® Focal Point and Rational® PurifyPlus Solutions from IBM® Corp.

Memeo Professional Backup


Easy Installation & Use
Professional Backup is simple to setup and allows for a customized backup plan. The program runs silently in the background while employees work, automatically backing up data according to their customized plan.


Track It
Easily monitor backup status, view backup file configurations and identify users who have installed backup software but not actually protected critical company data.


Professional Backup is PC compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista and Server 2003.


Centralized Control
Professional Backup's online management console gives IT managers the flexibility of remote deployment and monitoring of multiple employee workstations.


192-bit, triple DES data encryption keeps company files secure.


Multiple Backup Destinations
Professional Backup works with FTP and FTPS servers, online, internal or external hard drives, USB devices, networks, NAS drives and iPods.

Product Reviews

"We had a crash. It's rare, but there are only two kinds of computer users – those who have crashed and those who will…Memeo technicians did an OUTSTANDING job of getting our data back and getting us back in the game. Our company is growing very fast and every hour is important. A day's worth of lost data is worth too much to risk. We have, of course, reinitiated Memeo on the new system and wouldn't be without it. Thanks for selling a product that actually works and backing with great people that are close at hand – not 8,000 miles away, and a pleasure to know."

– Tony Scott, VP Corporate Development, Contego International Inc.


"I love it when someone rethinks a basic, everyday problem and comes up with an approach that's much more suitable for the end user. Why isn't backing up files continuously this easy on everyone's Windows computer? I think Memeo has come up with a 'better mousetrap" rather than just assuming the old standard way of doing things was good enough. Kudo's Memeo. This is how end-user backup software should work."

– Network World