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Access and share your business data across all of your devices without giving up security and control.

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Memeo C1 Secure File Sharing

Similar to services like Dropbox, Memeo C1 provides your employees with an easy to use solution to access and share business files from computers, mobile devices and the web. However, Memeo C1 is different because its online management console puts the IT admin in complete control over the way business data is accessed, viewed, modified and shared, while using state of the art security practices.

Learn more about secure file sharing.

Management Console

Robust Management Console

The Memeo C1 online management console provides IT admins instant control over business and customer data with a comprehensive set of analytics, sophisticated controls and security features.

Console Features 
Control user access and define trusted users  
Set business files sharing permissions and control sharing internally and externally  
Mobile Device and Content Management  
 • Manage all user devices  
 • Track devices by geographic location  
 • Remotely wipe business data from a mobile device or computer  
Monitor business data analytics including file history, versioning and an activity audit trail  
View and download all user synced files  

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Choose the Storage That’s Right for Your Business

Memeo C1 gives you the flexibility to choose where to store your business data. You can choose to store your data on-premise, use Memeo C1’s cloud storage, or another cloud storage provider.

In the Cloud

  • Easy setup - no hardware setup required
  • No need to purchase additional hardware
  • Data stored in multiple locations for redundancy
  • Choose which cloud to store your data in






  • Corporate data stored entirely on site
  • Data transferred over corporate LANs
  • Lower monthly service fee
  • Leverage existing hardware



Analytics & Controls

Company Data Analytics & Controls

We understand the importance of IT admins have full insight and control over business data across an organization. With Memeo C1, IT admins can take the reins over critical business data, while providing an easy-to-use online file sharing solution employees will actually use.


File Level

View and manage content employees are storing in the cloud, local storage, mobile devices and computers. Track when they were added, modified and accessed. Even download individual files from the online management console.


User Level

Understand which users are actively using the service, what devices they are using, and which users are storing non-company data. View the last sync date by user and their total count of devices with business files on them. Designate certain users as "Trusted" and assign special permissions. Control which users have access to the web portal and certain sharing activities.


Device Level

Track your organization’s device inventory. Know when an individual device was added by a user, and when business files were last synced to it. View whether a device was unlinked from the service, and by whom. Track whether a remote wipe was requested from lost or stolen devices and remove data from them instantly. Remove non-business or stale data from servers and computers too.


Activity Level

Memeo C1's Dashboard reports high-level file, user and device activities in real-time. Monitor and uncover potential data threats or suspicious activities like password resets, remotely wipe devices, and unlinked devices. Track activities by geographic location and map clusters of activity.


Sharing Controls

Take full control over the way business files are shared, whether internally or externally. Initiate and grant sharing permissions between employees with Shared Folders. Determine whether files and folders can be shared externally by email or public link and set shared link expirations or password requirements for added security.



Your business data is private and confidential. In order to keep it safe, Memeo C1 has adopted the highest industry standards for security:


End-to-End Encryption

Files never leave a device unencrypted. Data is hashed into blobs and encrypted with keys before file transfer. Encrypted blobs are transferred between agents on your local devices after those agents have been authorized. Each agent has a 2048-bit RSA private-public key pairs and only an agent with a proper private key can receive an encrypted blob.



All data is transferred via SSL connections.


At-Rest Encryption

All data blobs remain encrypted when stored and are stored only where explicitly authorized by your admin. Metadata is never stored with the encrypted blobs to ensure that no information is known about the blobs.


Unique Encryption Keys

Encryption keys are unique to your organization. Data blobs can only be decrypted with your specific credentials/keys.


Your Company’s Security Silo

There is no data de-duplication across organizations; each partner/customer is treated as a security silo with no indexing of files across different companies.



Memeo C1’s hybrid platform combines the best technologies from cloud services and peer-to-peer architectures while offering uncompromising control and security.

Architecture Features 
Advanced hashing and block level file transfer  
Only changed data blocks are transferred  
File blocks are moved non-sequentially  
Indexing to allow for file transfer from the closest data store  
Simultaneously upload/download from the cloud  
A complete database of file meta data so that Memeo can always tell you the location of and other critical information about your files  


Customizable Pricing

Contact Memeo Sales for more information, or a custom quote.

Number of UsersPrice
5 $75/month
10 $140/month
25 $325/month
50 $550/month
51+ Custom (contact sales)

All plans come with 1000GB of online storage.