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With Memeo Internet Disk you can quickly start to protect your files with no hardware or any other investment. Unlike other online backup services, Memeo does not lock you into a single destination for your data.

Memeo's flexibility allows you to use different data destinations as your needs grow and change.

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When selecting a destination within Memeo, just choose Memeo Internet Disk as your Backup Destination and click the Sign up now link. When you fill in the online registration form, your account is created and ready for immediate use.

You can choose a 30-day free trial with 500 MB of storage or a larger amount (up to 5GB) for which there is a small monthly fee based on the amount of space you purchase. Larger amounts of space are available upon request.

Using Memeo Internet Disk

To access your backed-up files using a Web browser, go to and enter your Memeo Internet Disk user name and password. Note that if you choose the Secure (encrypted) option for your backup job, you can retrieve your files only by using the Restore feature within Memeo.

For complete information, see the Memeo User Guide.

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